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Buggy CRC32 implementation of DCP on i.MXRT1052?

Question asked by Simone Zamboni on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hi everyone,

I have the MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 with the latest SDK v2.6.0 for EVKB-IMXRT1050. I'm working on CRC32 check for flash firmware sanity check but I have weird results. I tested the DCP example in SDK that has a CRC32 test for DCP engine: it works as in the example but as long as you put one more char in the string to compute CRC (and adjust as well the expected result) it fails. It seems that the DCP implementation of CRC32 (maybe it is a problem of SDK API) gives correct result only with certain lenghts of data.


Maybe I'm missing somthing but have done so many tests on this that I'm quite sure there should be an error somewhere. Has anyone ever encountered this same issue?