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CW 6.1 Assembler S08QE128: Warning A13003: Value truncated to one byte

Question asked by Torfinn Klausen on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by bigmac
I have this funny warning suddenly appearing after several error free makes.
The variables is defined in a 'page0_ram section short'. The fault is only appearing for the references in the same file, in a rom section.
The same variables is used in another file where they are XDEFB'd and assemble without any problems.
The two variables is named 'timer_tick' and 'timer_count', and the problem started when I made the 'timer_count' variable. Before that the exact same 'timer_tick' instruction assembled without fault.
My question is then, is there any known naming convention problems in CW, and how many characters in a name is included/used? I'm used to 32 valid characters, but this could be shorter here?
How stable is CW 6.1?