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etpu input and interrupt polarity setting in 5777C

Question asked by 静涛· 吴 on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by David Tosenovjan



 I am new to eTPU usage.


I have followed both AN3769SW and AN47908SW to set up my project on MPC5777C EVB. Toothgen function works well. For input channel 0 and 2, IGF was enable as Fig. IGF in the attachment.

HOWEVER, the engine state observed in freemaster  changes between PRE_FULL_SYNC and FIRST_HALF_SYNC, and it can't achieve FULL_SYNC.

In addition, observed in the EmbSys Registers in S32DS, the channel interrupt status never changed. The breakpoints in the crank and cam ISR also never work. 


I have tried many types of configuration. but it did not take effect. I think it shouldn't be so hard, but I don't know what can I do next. Could you help me?


any suggestions ?



Thanks in advance.



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