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Is there a QuadSPI driver for m4?

Question asked by Evan Thompson on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Jeff Hane

On an i.MX7D processor, I would like to use the QuadSPI (qspi) peripheral from the cortex m4 core. The nxp-provided m4 drivers for bare metal and FreeRTOS include an 'ecspi' driver for the ecspi peripheral, but there is not a driver for the quadspi peripheral included.


Is an m4 QuadSPI driver available anywhere?


Note: this is not a question about booting from quadspi or Execute In Place (XIP) from quadspi flash. I am asking about using the quadspi as a peripheral at runtime, from the m4 (and the m4 is executing out of another memory like TCM or DDR).