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Getting started with S32K148

Question asked by Michael Bauer on Jun 4, 2019
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I am just beginning a project with the S32K148 microcontroller.  We have S32K148EVB-Q176 eval boards in hand to start with.  I followed S32K148EVB-QSG to install the S32 design studio IDE.  I also found the S32K148_EVB_JumpStart_Firmware which has a number of examples for the S32K14x for a few interfaces.  These examples seem to be geared to the eval board layout.


We will be moving to a custom board with the S32K148 soon.  I am wondering if there is any tool available that helps a developer configure the processor pin IO and peripherals.  I've seen some for other modern microcontrollers that give you a GUI to configure these and there is an auto code generator to quickly create initialization code. 


Also, are there any modeling tools that might help a developer quickly implement logic?


I appreciate any pointers just getting up and running here.


Thank you.