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Undefined reference to `__fabs

Question asked by jiajian qiu on May 24, 2019
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    My project has below error info when use fabs() function:

   S32DS/e200_ewl2/EWL_C/src/math/fabsf.c undefined reference to `__fabs' Demo line 22 C/C++ Problem

   Platform : S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture Version: 2017.R1   MPC5748G

   The fabsf.c:

      #include <ansi_parms.h>

      #include <ewl_misra_types.h>


      #include <math.h>

      #ifdef __USING_INTRINSIC_FABS__

      #define __HAS_FABS 1

      extern double fabs(double x)
      return __fabs(x) ;



   So I need to include some head files? 

   I look forward to receiving a response., thanks !