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Two RF issue of MKW24D512

Question asked by Wang Jinchao on May 12, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

I have two RF issues that caused the crash:

1. Radio frequency timer Timer3 acts as an automatic sequence tiemout timer. When the timer times out, the sequence does not stop. (Automatic sequence stop function of Timer3 trigger is on)


2. Before MKW24D512 sleep, configure Radio in hibernate mode,  --- PWRLib_Radio_Enter_Hibernate();

    after sleep wake up, configure Radio in autodoze mode, --- PWRLib_Radio_Enter_AutoDoze();

    Once inside the PWRLib_Radio_Enter_AutoDoze(), the progarm stops at "while( ( MC1324xDrv_DirectAccessSPIRead( (uint8_t) IRQSTS2) & (cIRQSTS2_WAKE_IRQ | cIRQSTS2_TMRSTATUS) ) != (cIRQSTS2_WAKE_IRQ | cIRQSTS2_TMRSTATUS) );",can't jump out.