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MPC5744P, LinFlexD in UART mode affecting Hall sensor capture interrupts

Question asked by Azeem UH on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2019 by Petr Stancik


I am facing an issue with the BLDC motor commutation speed when LINFlexD communication is in progress. When I send the measured speed information to PC terminal using LINFlexD in UART mode, I find that the motor commutation is affected. Thinking this is due to the interrupt priorities, I have set the Hall sensor capture interrupt priority to a high value.

INTC_0.PSR[611].R = 0x801D;  //Set priority for external eTimer interrupt.

I am using the below example code for transmitting the values using LINFlexD


Function Name : TransmitData
Parameters : pBuf - input string. won't be modified by the function
: cnt - input number of characters to be transmitted
Notes : Tx data on LINFlexD_1. polled mode.
void TransmitData(const char *pBuf, uint32_t cnt)
uint8_t j = 0; // Dummy variable

for (j=0; j< cnt; j++)
{ // Loop for character string
LINFlexD_1.BDRL.B.DATA0 = *(pBuf+j);
//write character to transmit buffer
while (1 != LINFlexD_1.UARTSR.B.DTFTFF) {}
// Wait for data transmission completed flag
LINFlexD_1.UARTSR.R = 0x0002;
// clear the DTF flag and not the other flags


Can anyone help please?