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K70 CLK set to 2Mhz make the system  hang

Question asked by lourdu xavier on May 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by lourdu xavier

Hi All,


I am using MK70FN1M0VMJ15, I could set the CLK to 150Mhz and 12Mhz using _lpm_set_clock_configuration() but when I set to 2Mhz system got hang (not responding), code flow went to Cpu_SetClockConfiguration() ->  Cpu_SetMCG(1U); 

in Cpu_SetMCG() 1st it executed Cpu_SetMCGModePBE then it executed the Cpu_SetMCGModeFBE() immediately it got hanged in there. i am not sure what happens. Can anyone help me to fix this issue.


Thanks in advance.