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Building custom LS1012A-FRWY image

Question asked by Gabriele Coppolino on Apr 29, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2019 by Gabriele Coppolino

Hi all,

i'm actually working on a LS1012A-FRWY (rev-B so with 512MB of DDR) and I would like to drive the GPIOs 1_27 (bank 0) and 2_03 (bank 1). For the first one, I had to modify the RCW since multiplexing default configuration was different. I also modified .dts since, building from scratch the image, they weren't included.

The problem is under linux there is no /sys/class/gpio folder.

I tried with lsdk 18.09. LSDK 19.03 has the problem that I cannot say anywhere that my board is a rev-B so it supposes to have 1GB of DDR, and booting up, at a certain point of memory scanning I get an error saying that the memory space is not as expected (or something similar, I don't remember exacty).

Could you detail me exactly all steps for building a custom image with these customizations?

Thanks in advance.