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ptp4l tx timestamp timeout

Question asked by Lars Petter Mostad on Apr 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by Yiping Wang

When running ptp4l as a slave I occasionally (every few minutes) get the following error:

ptp4l[556.407]: timed out while polling for tx timestamp
ptp4l[556.408]: increasing tx_timestamp_timeout may correct this issue, but it is likely caused by a driver bug

If I do increase tx_timestamp_timeout, the error happens less frequently, but at 10 ms, ten times the default, it still happens.


As I understand it, the tx timpestamp is returned by the SoC itself after sending the delay request message, so it is strange that it should take this much time. I don't wether the ptp4l author means that it is a driver bug when it takes much time, or when the timestamp does not arrive at all. I can see that the timestamp always arrive eventually when this happens by re-polling.


How come it takes so long time to get back the timestamp? Is this a bug? If not, how long should the timeout value be?


My kernel is based on linux 4.14 from LSDK 18.12, and the SoC is LS2044A.