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Question asked by Jeffery Herlings on Apr 25, 2019
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I am currently working with 16bit microchip micros using embedded C, and i would like to make the jump across and start learning ARM free-rtos C/C++ with NXP. At this point i am a bit lost and dont know where to start. I have a number of questions below that will help me get started:


1) I currently use windows 10, as i understand i have to use linux to write rtos?


2) If linux is required, do most people use dual boot hard drives and run Ubuntu for example on the second hard drive? Also if this is correct is it possible to run terminal etc on linux?


3) Could you recommend a good beginner tutorial or book to start ARM rtos C++.


4) Could recommend a good beginner development board to practice ARM rtos C++. As i said i dont really know where to start, so any additional advice to help me get started would be gladely accepted.


Regards, Jeff