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Several Configuration question about S32K FlexCAN

Question asked by qiang hu on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Alexandru Nan

Deer engineer,

         I have three question when configuring S32K146 FlexCAN with ProcessorExpert as follows:

(1) How to check the bus off status?

There is not API or callback function to check the bus off status in ProcessorExpert.

I just find the IRQ handler[CAN0_ORed_IRQHandler(void)]  for OR'ed interrupts can be used to check bus off.

Is there another way to check bus off ?


(2) How many mailbox are occupied when Rx FIFO is used ?

 I want to configure MBs 0~5 for Rx FIFO and configure MBs 7~31 for individual MBs, but when I do so, I find MB 7 can not be used as individual MB and MB8~31 can be used as individual MB.

May I ask if there is an error in doing this?


(3)How to  selectable priority between mailboxes and Rx FIFO during matching process in ProcessorExpert configuration?

I can not find the optional configuration item about the priority between mailboxes and Rx FIFO during matching process in ProcessorExpert.


Attachment information:

  • S32 Design Studio for ARM Version: 2018.R1
  • SDK V0.8.6 /SDK V3.0.1
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