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Forcing user defined iterrupts on the M52233

Discussion created by Dustin Knie on Jan 29, 2009
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Hello everyone,

I have spent the last couple days looking through the documentation, scouring the freescale forums and the rest of the internet and have been unable to find a way to easily generate an interrupt from within code. I have an interrupt that I need to trigger in order to modify the exception stack frame, however, I need to do this via software, not hardware or peripheral interrupt. I have PIT0 working properly as needed, but this next step is not behaving. I've attempted using MCF_INTC_INTFRCH() and MCF_INTC_INTFRCL(), but doing that I either get nothing, or I get an interrupt on vector 2 which gives me 'Access Error -- PC = Error on operand read' If i enable printf debugging, and I get this regardless of which interrupt I try to force. I figure I'm missing some simple step, but I'm a loss for what it might be. I've tried messing with masks as well, but from the manual, those shouldn't matter since INTFRCL/H ignores the masks. Any help, direction, input, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you,

Dustin Knie