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FLEXPWM Dead Time Update Block [MPC574x Model Based Design Toobox]

Question asked by Abhishek Kumar on Apr 9, 2019
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I am trying to use DeadTime Update block. (picture below). I have also attached the model and the logged data from the Oscilloscope.

After every 1000 microseconds the Dead Time must switch between 1000ns and 5000ns (its just for tests).

For this I use PIT and Matlab block to get the change in state for 1000ns dead time block and 5000ns Dead time Block. (function below), Rising edge of the function takes it to 1000ns and falling edge takes it to 5000 ns dead time


function [count, switchToLongDeadTime] = fcn(countIn)

if countIn == 20
count = 1;
count = countIn +1;

if count <= 10
switchToLongDeadTime = 1;
switchToLongDeadTime = 0;


But the dead time remains 100 ns which was set in the 'FlexPWM_Config' block. (picture below)



Some how the dead time is not updated as I would wish to.

I hope we can have a solution for this.