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How to use ddr tools to configure 3GDDR

Question asked by coin du on Apr 2, 2019
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            I have ever used ddr tools to generate 1G and 2GDDR configure file ddr_init.c and ddrphy_train.c for I.MX8M and works well.   

           Now I need to configure 3GDDR file ,the ddr tool will calibration and gen code success . but when i make a new imx-boot and burn it into the SD card , it will stuck in kernel stage . the only difference is the DDR size, so, I think the ddr_init.c and ddrphy_train.c may error.



Is there a problem with my configuration?

i will modify follow files on uboot when modify DDR size



include\configs\imx8mq_evk.h   PHYS_SDRAM_SIZE