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SPI interface at fixed intervals based on eTimer_0 in MPC5744P

Question asked by on Mar 26, 2019
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Hi All


I am stuck with an issue using MPC5744P for SPI interface with an external sensor. I want to set the rate of calling the readSensor() function to 1KHz. I am trying to use the eTimer 0 based ISR to call the function at this rate.

Both the SPI interface and eTimer 0 works completely fine when run independently.

However, when I combine these two functions, the timer ISR is never entered. There seems a mismatch in the Mode or Clock configuration or in setting the interrupt priority.


It works if I comment out the below code, but then, only SPI works fine.

// INTC_0.PSR[611].R = 0x8001;    //set interrupt priority for eTimer 0


If I keep this line, neither the timer ISR nor the SPI works.


Please see the code attached.


Am I missing something here?