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Having a problem with an AWR model for AFT05MP075N

Question asked by Jonathan Foster on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 26, 2019 by LPP


I am running a Microwave office simulation for AFT05MP075N (NXP_AFT05MP075N_Level1_Rev1_SPmodel_FET2). 


I am running a simulation with a two tone excitation, each tone having a different power level. 


I am repeatedly getting an error: 

9:08:11 AM Syntax error in encrypted library at line 'FSL:VA:FSLNN2'. Please contact your library vendor for more information!

9:08:11 AM Job Failed!: NLN:Schematic 1 1.AP_HB.$FDOC_87674563.0


Has anyone faced this problem with the LDMOS models? Is there a work around? 




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