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Configuring port to input and output in LPC845

Question asked by on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Ian Benton

Hi all,


I need to configure port pins high and low for particular port pins,

please let me know the below procedure is correct:


#define DATA_BUS                                   LPC_GPIO_PORT->DIRSET0
#define CONTROL_BUS                          LPC_GPIO_PORT->DIRSET1


Below is the part of the code to toggle led for example P0_12 [PORT 0, 12th pin]


        LPC_GPIO_PORT->CLR0 = 1<<(LED_RED);  

        LPC_GPIO_PORT->CLR0= 1<<(LED_RED);

        LPC_GPIO_PORT->SET0= 1<<(LED_RED);


I need to know is there any other way to set the port pin to input and output[high/low] using other

peripheral gpio pins?


The problem is I need to 2 ports which I should configure to input and output, and direct those pins to

data pins[D4-D7], and control pins[RS, RW, EN] to interface the LCD.


Please suggest.