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Display adjustment on i.MX6 with Mainline-Linux and Debian

Question asked by Steffen Doster on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

Hello everyone,


I have a big color problem with my custom Display connected to a i.MX6S via RGB24 Interface.

I compiled a Mainline Kernel (4.19.26) and a device tree customized for my board.

The Graphics-Part of the device tree is attached.


I'm testing the Display with the attached Test-Image (All-Colors-800x400.png).

My Operating-System is a very basic Debian Stretch with Xorg. I use <feh> for displaying the image on a x-terminal. 

But this is just a testing system. The final Target shall be a busybox-system.


The output picture of this display is attached (Displaytest.jpg).

As you can see the white space on the right is rather big and the black space on the left is small.

The main problem are the mixed colors (yellow, cyan and magenta) which are very broad.


I noticed this problem first when I wrote an application with some red-orange in it and it turned out yellow on the display.


I have no problem with setting corrective values in kernel source, but I don't know exactly where.


I can't use a NXP-Patched Kernel. (3.xx and 4.0.xx are far too old, 4.9.xx doesn't compile).


I think the problem lies within the IPU. To be more exactly in the IC or DP cores. Where can I put CSC-Values to correct the Display?