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How to connect MCAN to CAN Transciever  in MPC5777C Evaluation Board?

Question asked by Michael Jihan on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Petr Stancik

Hi all,


I am currently configuring MCAN0 for MPC5777C and testing it on MPC5777C Evaluation Board and using Vector VN1640A for Testing.


i set SIU_PCR[83] and SIU_PCR[133] to alternate functionality 2

i disconnected J37 J38 and J35 jumpers

i connected PL3 to J35 Tx

      and       PL4 to J35 Rx

i connected my canoe to J6


i am unable to tx or rx anything 

Please Help!!


UPDATE :-  Q1. so i connected back the jumpers J35 and J37 J38 in 1-2 position and i connected my canoe to CAN2(J5) and MCAN0 is working but FlexCAN_A also uses the same CAN2(J5) for communication so how does the Evaluation board differentiate between both when they both are configured ??


Q2. How do i test MCAN_1 which jumpers do i have to change and/Or if i need to supply i/p to the tranciever which port pin on the EVB do i take it from (i tried PC8 and PC9, didnt work) and which SIU_PCR would i have to configure for the alternate functionality of the same??

UPDATE2 :- Nevermind i solved this one, for anyone else having same trouble move J37 & J38 to 2-3 position and connect Canoe to J6 to get MCAN_1 working



Q1 still remains though

Thank you in advance