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How to use LPC4357 RTC?

Question asked by uaz on Mar 12, 2019
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Is there any guide on how to use LPC4357 RTC correctly?

I'm having many issues with the RTC:

1. Using 32.768khz crystal: everytime I update RTC time, the cpu will become glitchy. My freertos will freeze for 1-2 seconds. I tried without RTC, no issue with my freertos. Then I realised about the errata which might cause this issue.


2. Using external 32.768khz oscillator (connected to RTCX1, RTCX2 open): Unable to countdown LPC_ATIMER->DOWNCOUNTER. Looks like rtc peripheral is not getting the clock signal


How do I configure external the external oscillator? I can't find any info, and I just use the same CREG0 clock setting as the crystal.


Can you recommend an external oscillator that can work straight away with this MCU?