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How to add/install packages into timesys toolchain?

Question asked by Sujay S on Mar 6, 2019

  I am trying to add few packages into my toolchain such as directfb busybox etc. This project uses imx6dl sabresd and linux kernel.


Two of the packages namely "fbgrab" and "mx53DFBModules" were producing no search results while I searched for their path to be added in menu config.


Few others namely

1. amd-gpu-bin-mx51_AUTO_HOST_INSTALL

2. kobs-ng

3. libiberty


Had below mentioned in the search path:

Symbol: TSWO_SOFTWARE_libiberty [=n]

│ Type : boolean

│ Prompt: Build and install libiberty

│ Location:

│ -> Toolchain Configuration

│ (1) -> binutils

│ Defined at toolchain/binutils/

│ Selects: TSWO_DEPEND_libiberty [=n]


The package was not found in the above mentioned path so I have to install it but I can't find any relevant dox.

I would alo request support in finding packages namely fbgrab and mx53DFBModules.


Thank you.

Sujay S.