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GPIO pins of MC33771b connected to S32K144

Question asked by Sushma Mantagani on Mar 6, 2019
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I want to utilize one of the GPIO pin as digital output ( as they can be configured as temperature sensors and as digital input or output)

So in order to make GPIO1 as digital output; I wrote 12 to the register BCC_REG_GPIO_CFG1_ADDR

and in order to make it high, I wrote 2 to BCC_REG_GPIO_CFG2_ADDR

I did check the status of the pins using BCC_REG_GPIO_STS_ADDR register and got the value 202 indicating GPIO 1 is high.

But in hardware; I have taken a wire from the conjunction point of C74 AND R40 , yet I'm not getting any voltage there.

Kindly suggest a solution.

Thank you