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Flash Driver

Question asked by BJ RAJENDRANATH on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by BJ RAJENDRANATH

Hello all,


I would like to create a Flash Boot loader in S32K144 device. I do implemented the same for MPC5602P based on the AN_qorriva_bootloader prepared for MPC55xx/56xx devices in Code Warrior platform.


For that I got a flash_drivers from the location 




I included both flash_driver.c & flash_driver.h in the a project I tried build the project, It seems like there are so many undeclared variables. I would like to know the where exactly I can get the actual flash_driver.h to avoid all the errors. Any example file will be helpful


Also I would like to know where I can change the ROM image file in S32DS (other than lcf file) just like what we do it for CodeWarrior.


Thanks in advance,

BJ Rajendranath.