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Compatibility of a Freedom K22F debugger with a target K60 MCU

Discussion created by Satish Acharya on Mar 3, 2019
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Is there a known compatibility issue with using a Freedom K22F board’s OpenSDA to debug a custom K60 board as target? The way Freedom board’s OpenSDA has been advertised, it looks like it is supposed to work with or debug any Kinetis based target board.


Essentially, I’m trying to debug a custom K60 based board using a Freedom Board as debugger frontend along with OpenSDA. When I use Freedom K64F board as a debugger frontend with its OpenSDA/bootloader/etc and MCUXpresso IDE, I can make the debugger stop at the 1st line of main() program running on K60 and it works fine.  However, when I use Freedom K22F board as a debugger with its OpenSDA/bootloader/etc and MCUXpresso IDE, I get errors both using K60F Flash or K60 SRAM for application. When I try to link application to SRAM and debug, the error is “HW execution break may only be set below x20000000”. This is an issue since SRAM region's address starts at x20000000. When I try to use K60’s Flash and debug, the error is “vendor chip initialization failed – Ep(08). Cannot access core regs when target running.” Looks like there flash burning incompatibility.


We bought 2 K22F boards for debugging since K22F has newer version of OpenSDA than K64F. We didn’t find any compatibility issues when we searched through NXP community discussions before purchasing.   


Does anyone have any simple suggestions/experiments I can try to get Freedom K22F debugger work with a K60 board?


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