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Failed to debug MPC860 in CW 8.8

Question asked by kumar swamy on Mar 3, 2019
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I have installed codewarrior 8.8 in windows 10 x64bit and using a codewarrior USBTap to debug MPC860 processor. I also installed patch 8.8.6. I have connected USBTap to 10-pin BDM connector.  While trying to run the code, it is showing errors like "target cannot be reset" or "network timed out" or other errors.

I have not connected XFS capacitor (since it's a BGA, cap can't be connected now) and using in x1 PLL speed. My input clock in 66Mhz and getting OUTCLK of 66MHz. Is there any problem with this.

The pins HRESET and SRESET are pulled up with 4.7K resistors.


A quick reply will be a great help.