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CAN Bootloader for MPC5748G with S32

Question asked by Minnie Jo on Feb 28, 2019
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Hi. I am trying to develop a MPC5748G CAN bootloader on S32 Design Studio. But I'm going through issues since its my first time using this board.

I found some sample bootloaders for GHS and SSD functions implemented concerning the flash operations. Also, I found a sample bootloader on MPC5748G example in S32 IDE.

When I examined the code, it saids to use the "RAppID BL Tool"(Which I don't know how it works). Oddly, in the project c files, the code does not have the serial handling part or CAN handling part for reprogramming.

My question is is there a CAN bootloader for MPC5748G that could work on S32? or at least serial bootloader so I could develop in CAN.

Plus, is there a way that I could easily import GHS project files to S32? Any instructions or manuals to follow?

Thank you!