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2.2 inch tft spi interface, low spi throughput

Question asked by caglar abidin on Feb 27, 2019
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We are trying to interface 2.2 inch 320x240 tft screen via spi on imx6q(pico-pi-imx6). we are able to display video on the screen but we got 5 fps and ~1000KB/s throughput even at 30, 60 MHz spi clks. During the data transmission at high clock speeds, there is a  ~50 us gap between bursts. We believe this is the reason of the low  throughput. My question is how can we reduced the gap between the bursts. Is any modification  required to improve  throughput  for spi transmission? Is it possible to send   continuous  data with 30MHz or higher spi clocks?


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