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iMX8dx kobs-ng writing two boot streams

Question asked by Muthusubramanian Vengataraman on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by igorpadykov

We are using a custom board based on imx8dxp with Nand Flash. we have created a binary using the mkimage_imx8 with (SECO,SCFW,U-Boot and M4 binary).
When we flash this binary using the uuu tool and the command
FBK: ucmd kobs-ng init -v --chip_0_device_path=/dev/mtd0 /tmp/flash.bin
the mtd0 partition size is 0x00500000 (5MB)
the kobs-ng is writing the same binary into two locations.
Output of kobs-ng for your reference.
Firmware: image #0 @ 0x80000 size 0xe5000 - available 0x240000
Firmware: image #1 @ 0x2c0000 size 0xe5000 - available 0x240000.
can you please let us know why kobs-ng is writing it twice?

For iMX8 we have the Primary and Seconday Image container sets to boot.
The above flash.bin corresponds to one Image container set which comes immediately after the FCB and DBBT.
For this single image container set itself kobs-ng duplicates the binary.

Do we need to use kobs-ng to flash the other image container set? If we use kobs-ng won't the FCB and DBBT gets overwritten?

If we don't have to use kobs-ng for the other image container set, do we use nand_write() to flash the other image container set. If so what happens if we get a nand bad block detection during booting from this image container set?
Do we really need to have the kobs-ng flashing the binary in 2 different locations for iMX8 based processors?
Is it possible to configure this some way?