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TJA1101 with iMX6S

Question asked by Buster McGibbons on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Buster McGibbons

We are using an iMX6S and a TJA1101 as the Ethernet PHY wired for RMII. The Linux kernel is based on 4.9.9 and we are building with Yocto and the rocko branch. Our hardware is not done yet but we are trying to get as much in place as possible before that event. A couple questions I've not found the answer to yet.


  1. Has anyone used this PHY with that Kernel version (4.9.9)? Any advice if so?
  2. What is the correct driver to use for the PHY? We've found three so far for the TJA1101. One is referred to in 470139 and is in the git repository at Another referred to from the TJA1101 products page in the git repository at The third was just an Internet search that turned up a driver at (The first two may just be different versions. I've not checked yet.)
  3. Are there plans to place this driver (or whichever one of these drivers) into the Linux kernel source at some point? Maybe it already there and I've missed it, but I searched several branches and didn't see it


Basically, we want to understand the best way to use this phy with the imx6.


Thanks in advance for any advice!