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Execution of OneRF_4Antennas_demo_s32r274 example project

Question asked by Sushant Susheel Gosavi on Feb 7, 2019
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We are trying to run the OneRF_4Antennas_demo_s32r274 example project (available with S32_RSDK_S32R274_372_RTM_1.2.0 update) with TEF810B RADAR front end.


We are using 1st configuration of RADAR Setup.

   MIMO_SLOTS = 1,

   CP_RATE = 1,


   RX_ACTIVE = 4,

   RFFT_SIZE = 512,

   DFFT_SIZE = 128.


We are getting the output dumps in ./data/out/ folder. But the adc_data_x.dat file has data of only two chirps as ADC sample buffer is of size: sizeof(uint16_t) * nrSamplesPerChirp * nrRxAnt * RSDK_SPT_DOUBLE_BUFFER;


   sizeof(uint16_t) = 2

   nrSamplesPerChirp = 512,

   nrRxAnt = 4


So the total size of buffer is 8KB.


After execution of "rsdkStatus = RsdkRfeFrameStart(0)" command the buffer is filled with the data of two chirps, but after sptDoneFlag = 1, the range FFT data stored in the range out buffer is of complete frame.

The range out buffer size is : sizeof(uint32_t) * nrRangeBins * nrDopplerBins * nrVirtAnt / gAppConfig.cpRate)


   sizeof(uint32_t) = 4,

   nrRangeBins  = 256,

   nrDopplerBins  = 128,

   nrVirtAnt = 4,

   gAppConfig.cpRate = 1.

So the total size of range out buffer is 512KB.


If the input is 2 chirps why is the range FFT calculated for all 128 chirps(full frame).


Our final aim is to get ADC output data of full frame, that is (Number of samples per chirp * Number of chirps per frame * Active RX antenna).

   Number of samples per chirp = 512,

   Number of chirps per frame = 128,

   Active RX antenna = 4.


How we can get ADC data for full frame (Number of samples per chirp * Number of chirps per frame * Active RX antenna)?


Please guide us.


Thanks & Regards,

Sushant Gosavi