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ADC Calibration Issue with MPC5777C

Question asked by Amey Murkute on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Amey Murkute

Hello All,

                I am trying to do ADC Calibration but when I insert the calibration code as given in AN2989 with CAL bit 1 in my conversion Command , then Rqueue value of 'channel 0' giving 0 count. Is there any issue with Single Scan Mode & Contineous scan as in Calibration code Single scan is used & for my further conversation I have enbled contineous scan.. The following is the ADC configuration Code which I am using.


void eqadc_A_init(void)

EQADC_A.MCR.R = 0x00000000; // Synchronous Serial Interface-Disable; Debug-Disable

*system clk frequency = 96MHz
*system clk divider(PS) = 8
*ADC_CLK = system clk frequency/system clk divider(PS) = 12MHz
*No of sampling cycles(LST) = 2
*No of ADC conversion cycles = 13 for differential or 14 for single ended
*ADC Conversion speed = ADC_CLK/(No of sampling cycles(LST)+ No of ADC conversion cycles) = 750ksps

EQADC_A.CFPR[0].R = 0x00800301; //Send CFIFO 0 a ADC0 configuration command
EQADC_A.CFPR[0].R = 0x82800301; //Send CFIFO 0 a ADC1 configuration command

EQADC_A.CFCR0.R = 0x0C101C10;

while (EQADC_A.FISR[0].B.EOQFX == 0); /* Wait for End Of Queue flag */
EQADC_A.FISR[0].R = End_of_Queue_Flag;

EQADC_A.IDCR0.R = 0x33033303;