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Where to find cmsis_11axx.h? Or cmsis_11exx.h?

Question asked by Jeremy Elson on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Carlos_Mendoza

It's frustrating that there isn't a single place to download all the LPCopen drivers for the entire LPC1100 line. Where can I find cmsis_11axx.h and cmsis_11exx.h?


The LPCxpresso packages for the 11xx seem to exclude files that are not needed for that particular LPCxpresso board. For example, the package for the 11c24 has cmsis_11cxx.h, and the 11u14 package has cmsis_11uxx.h. Both packages' driver libraries are otherwise identical, other than different CHIP_LPC11xxxx constants being defined.


Both the 11c24 and 11u14 packages have a "cmsis.h" file that conditionally includes a different variant depending on which CHIP_LPC constant is defined. That cmsis.h file refers to files such as cmsis_11axx.h and cmsis_11exx.h which are not present in either distribution.


If I try to compile these libraries with CHIP_LPC11AXX defined, compilation fails because cmsis_11axx.h is missing.


Where can I find the *complete* set of LPCopen LPC11xx libraries, including *all* cmsis header files?