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MCF5282 - problem with PIT (?) or exception vector (?) & monitoring registers

Discussion created by Roberto Mattos on Jan 9, 2009
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I am trying to make the CF generate a “RTC” that I can use for multi-purpose functions.


I thought about using one of the PIT for incrementing a counter.

I created a structure with multiple counter entities:


typedef struct


  uint16 ledCounter;

  uint32 secondsCounter;

  uint16 systemCounter;

} RTcounters;


and an Update procedure

void updateRTcounters( void )


  static uint16 count = 0;







  if( count >= ONE_SECOND_CONSTANT)



    count = 0;





where the ONE_SECOND_CONSTANT and g_RTcounters are as follows:


#define ONE_SECOND_CONSTANT   4000   /* 4000 * 250us = 1s. */

RTcounters g_RTcounters;


That would update all counters every time this PIT0 count reaches zero, when I reload it to my constant and start over (forever).

My PIT initialization is as follows:



 * Timer 0: Ticks every 250us *


void pit_init_0()


  /* Timer setup for continuous interrupts every 250us. */


  MCF_PIT0_PCSR = 0x021E; /* RES=0, PRE=2 (64MHz/8 = 8MHz = 125ns), RES=0, DOZE=0

                                                                                                                                                                       HALT=0, OVW=1, PIE=1, PIF=1, RLD=1, EN=0. */

  MCF_PIT0_PMR = 1999;    /* 125ns * 2000 = 250us. */

  MCF_PIT0_PCSR |= MCF_PIT_PCSR_EN; /* Enable. */



Using this idea I can implement for example a toggle for an LED using one of the counters (ledCounter) in the following procedure (LED would be located on PORT E, with option for another one in PORT TD):

void flashDebugLed2( void )


  if (g_RTcounters.ledCounter >= 4000)


    //Toggle LED 2

    MCF5282_GPIO_PORTE ^= 0x01;

    MCF5282_GPIO_PORTTD ^= 0x01;

    g_RTcounters.ledCounter = 0;




So in the initialization of the system routine I unmasked this particular interruption

void __initialize_system(void)


  MCF_INTC0_IMRL = 0xFFFFFFFF;  /* int 1-31 masked. */


  MCF_INTC0_IMRH = 0xFF7FFFFF;  /* int 55 active, all other masked. */


  /* Other peripherals. */ 

  MCF_INTC0_ICR55 = 0x34;    /* Level 6, priority 4  - PIT0. */




Then in my exception.c I added the following code:


__declspec(interrupt) void irq_handler (void)
 /* empty */


void pit0_handler (void)
 //Clear IRQ
 //Update all periodic counters

and finally, I changed on my vector table the call from:

  asm_exception_handler,           /* 119 (0x___) Reserved                   */

   pit0_handler,              /* 119 (0x___) Reserved                   */


And I monitor my count variable and it is not incrementing, so my routine updateRTcounters is never called. So, I cannot say if my PIT is not working or if my expection implementation is not properly set.


I tried to look at the registers, but my register windows (view-> registers) only shows values for the general purpose registers, EMAC Registers and supervisor registers. All other registers appears as unavailable or  write only (when this is the case). So, I cannot see the contents of the register while I am debugging, even the register details gives me Debugger Error 104100 (unless I am missing something stupid).



I am using MCF5282 on its evaluation board, CodeWarrior Development Studio 5.9.0 and I need HELP!