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Can I program the Rapid IoT while connected to the Hexiwear Battery Pack

Question asked by Ralph Yamamoto on Jan 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by Niranjan ravi

Not sure if this is the correct forum or if I should ask on MikroElektronika but since this is Rapid IoT specific I thought I'd try here first.


I purchased a Hexiwear Battery Pack rather than a Docking Station to interface to a Click board because I have a portable application.  I haven't found a good description of how the power management works but I'm pretty sure that you can't have the Battery Pack adapter power and USB power on simultaneously.  I've noticed that the Rapid IoT will shut off when plugged into the Battery Pack if its power switch is off.  My question is - if the Battery Pack is shut off, can I program the Rapid IoT while it is still plugged in?  Haven't tried it and don't want to unless someone knows this is okay.  My reason for wanting to do this is I don't want to wear out the module connector.  I doubt if it's rated for a lot of insertions.


I'm using the Battery Pack because I need to interface to an NFC Click board to read an external tag..  I had hoped that the Rapid IoT had the ability to read an external tag but I believe that it can only interface with its own internal tag and an external reader.  Is that correct?