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kStatusMemoryCumulativeWrite error using blhost with K66

Question asked by Beth Altshuler on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by Kerry Zhou



I am using the Freedom K66 on the demo board.   I have the freedom_bootloader running from SDK 2.5.0.   I have been trying to load the led_demo_freedom_0000.bin created by IAR Release, but I get the following error.  Even though it says it wrote all of the bytes of the app, the led demo app does not work after a reset.    I verified that the led_demo app works successfully on the board / K66 when downloaded via MCU Expresso.  Please explain how to fix this.





C:\Work\Beth\Bootloader_Demo>blhost -u -- get-property 1
Inject command 'get-property'
Response status = 0 (0x0) Success.
Response word 1 = 1258424064 (0x4b020700)
Current Version = K2.7.0

C:\Work\Beth\Bootloader_Demo>blhost -u -- get-property 12
Inject command 'get-property'
Response status = 0 (0x0) Success.
Response word 1 = 0 (0x0)
Response word 2 = 49151 (0xbfff)
Response word 3 = 536805376 (0x1fff0000)
Response word 4 = 536820223 (0x1fff39ff)
Reserved Regions =
Region0: 0x0-0xBFFF (48 KB)
Region1: 0x1FFF0000-0x1FFF39FF (14.500 KB)

C:\Work\Beth\Bootloader_Demo>blhost -u -- write-memory 0xC000 led_demo_freedom_0000.bin
Inject command 'write-memory'
Preparing to send 2028 (0x7ec) bytes to the target.
Successful generic response to command 'write-memory'
(1/1)100% Completed!
usbhid: received data phase abort
Response status = 10203 (0x27db) kStatusMemoryCumulativeWrite
Wrote 2028 of 2028 bytes.