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K82: LLWU muxed with peripheral lines

Question asked by Eugene Hiihtaja on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hello !


I can see in RM written like this:



1. Using the LLWU module, the external pins available for this chip do not require the associated peripheral function to be enabled. It only requires the function controlling the pin (GPIO or peripheral) to be configured as a digital input to allow a transition to pass to the LLWU"


Can I undestand it like this : if pin role in peripheral is also input, it is no need to remux pin as gpio input to have LLWU wakeup capabilities ?


I'm using LPUART1 and configure RX pin on PTC3 pin what is also LLWU_P7 input.

/* PORTC3 (pin B8) is configured as LPUART1_RX */


And If I add LLWU capability :

LLWU_SetExternalWakeupPinMode(LLWU, LLWU_WAKEUP_P7_IDX, kLLWU_ExternalPinFallingEdge);


LLWU wakeup works without any problem from LLS3 mode to RUN mode


If I remux RX pin as GPIO input - LLWU wakeup works as well.


So this is feature OR some side effect ?