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imx6 watchdog in low power mode

Question asked by zhang jie on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by zhang jie


i do not want to suspend the watchdog in stop mode.

so i check the manual ,and find that clear the WDZST in WCR  can keep watchdog work.

is that only thing i need to do  if i want keep watchdog work in stop mode? is there any other action need to do for this?

pls give me advice


for the more,pls tell me in normal mode and the low power mode,do the watchdog use the same clk?

in stop mode, the clk is 32khz,is that right?

if i want to reset the system by watchdog even in the stop mode,how to set timeout value?

for example , if i want to watchdog timeout in 10s in stop mode, how to configure ?


looking forwards.

best regards