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We want to use LS1012A to control a pcie device

Question asked by weiguang zhao on Jan 6, 2019

Now we want to use LS1012A to control a PCIe device.The device need 16Gbyte address space.

We have a FRWY-LS1012A.And we have a wire transform M.2 to PCIe.So we can connect FRWY-LS1012A to PCIe device.

The Connect_Picture.jpg is described the connection between FRWY-LS1012A and PCIe device.

We have operated FRWY-LS1012A follow FRWY-LS1012AGSG.pdf.In NXP-SDK-16G_2018-12-25_18-01-59.log,there is the question we meet now.

Place chack!

Thank you!