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LS1012A-FRWY Ethernet not working at 1000Mb/s

Question asked by Sam Hall on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Jeff Steinheider

I have been working with the LS1012A-FRWY development board and I have been trying to connect two boards together via Ethernet. I have tried the connection using both a crossover cable and a normal cable. When the Ethernet ports are connected with a speed of 1000Mb/s, 50% of packets over the connection get dropped. When the speed is reduced to 100Mb/s, there is no packet loss.


However, when the boards are connected through an Ethernet Switch, they can successfully communicate at 1000Mb/s.


I have also tried switching between the eth0 and eth1 ports and both react the same way when connected directly to another board. They both work fine at 1000Mb/s when connecting to our LAN.


What could be the problem?