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How to change NAND partitions in i.MX6UL EVK

Question asked by Keshava Kumar B on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by Keshava Kumar B

I am using NAND as a boot media in i.MX6UL evk. I want to change the partitions and partition size of the NAND. When I did some exploration on this, found that partitions are defined in "include/configs/mx6ul_14x14_evk.h" file, CONFIG_MFG_NAND_PARTITION .

If I want to change the partitions, whether changing CONFIG_MFG_NAND_PARTITION is sufficient?

Ex :

      #define CONFIG_MFG_NAND_PARTITION "mtdparts=gpmi-nand:64m(boot),16m(kernel),16m(dtb),50m(rootfs), -(data) "


I am using MFG tool for flashing purpose. I will place generated u-boot.imx in "Firmware" folder of MFG tool.

Please confirm my understanding.