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Building any kernels 4.14.x and above

Question asked by Arun Dharankar on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Yiping Wang



My context is LSDK_1812 (was LSDK_1809 until yesterday), LS1046ARDB for evaluation, with the intent to use a latest kernel source from mainline. Following questions as a newbie to NXP:

  1. I am given to understand that NXP pushes all changes to mainline Linux ( E,g. any changes NXP makes to 4.14 are also incorporated into 4.20, which is the latest today AFAIK. Is this correct?
  2. Should I expect flex-builder with command line 'flex-builder -m ls1046ardb -a arm64 -c linux:linux:v4.20' to build and function properly on the RDB? I ask because I attempted this and notice that when Linux comes up the Ethernet interfaces (e.g. RMII1/2) does not show up in 'ifconfig -a'. If it should come up, what am I likely missing?
  3. Assuming somehow the networking and other drivers come up, should I expect the other user space apps/libraries/frameworks to function properly? In other words, are the other components included in the LSDK are qualified to function as documented/intended? If not, which version kernel versions are expected to be qualified, or only the kernel version 4.14 that is the default?