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MCUxpresso intrinsic functions for interrupts??

Question asked by Joseph Jean-Jacques on Dec 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2018 by Joseph Jean-Jacques

Hello Everyone,


I am in a situation where I need to replace the IAR intrinsic functions for retrieving an interrupt state and restoring an interrupt state. For the IAR compiler, the process is usually something like this:


void function(void) { 
__istate_t  s = __get_interrupt_state();
/* Do something here. */



Browsing through the forums here, I found that to enable and disable interrupts for MCUxpresso, the following API was used:




My question is what are the MCUxpresso equivalent for IAR's __get_interrupt_state() and

__set_interrupt_state()? I tried searching through the web and I couldn't find what I was exactly looking for in the MCUxpresso user guide and getting started manuals.


Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!