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EthX naming convention. How is assigment index when I have two eth interfaeclassic naming scheme for network interfaces?

Question asked by bb bbb on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2018 by Victor Linnik

I checked and I do not have any rules in udev to name change for eth etc. I need use that two interface and make sure that they can't change order. How should we do this in production devices when we have one WLAN device on USB in every board and we always want configure it as WLAN0

Is there problem with:

The classic naming scheme for network interfaces applied by the kernel is to simply assign names beginning with "eth" to all interfaces as they are probed by the drivers. As the driver probing is generally not predictable for modern technology this means that as soon as multiple network interfaces are available the assignment of the names is generally not fixed anymore and it might very well happen that "eth0" on one boot ends up being "eth1" on the next. This can have serious security implications...

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