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Difference between Target Task and Run Configuration

Question asked by Francois Bronsard on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Alice_Yang


I'm running CodeWarrior 10.4 (Eclipse-based) and I have problems flashing a program to a board. Specifically, I can flash the program successfully if I select the project in the Code Warrior Projects view and use the Run As with the proper Run Configuration. That Run Configuration refers to a installation Task, say Install Program, to download the elf file generated in the compilation phase. If however, I select the Task Install Program directly in the Target Task window, with the same run configuration as above, and select  "Execute Task", the program is downloaded and installed but it doesn't start.  What is different?  I would expect that executing a Task with a given Run configuration would be equivalent as executing the Run Configuration with that task as the download step.  But it seems that it's not the case.  What is different and how do I use the Target Task to install and run the program?