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eTPU clock frequency

Question asked by Jyothsna Rajan on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by David Tosenovjan


MPC5746R has eTPU2 and the highest clock frequency you can set it yup for is System_Clock/2, when you set the clockDivider to 2.


1.The processor reference manual addendum states one can set the clock divider to 1, eTPU simulator (Ashware eTPU DevTool) doesn't allow me to. 

Question: Can someone confirm if I can run the eTPU clock at the same speed as system clock?


2. The MPC574xR can run upto 200MHz, but the eTPU clock must only be configured for 133MHz or lower, per NXP recommendation. In the ETPU documentation, I find many references  to "System_Clock (SYS_CLK) .

Question: In my case where the processor speed is 200MHz but the eTPU_CLK is configured to operate at 133MHz, what should I use for the value of SYS-CLK,, in order to determine the values of the clock-divider and prescaler, for eTPU TCR1 and TCR2 configuration.


Appreciate your response. 


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