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TCL commands for NOR Flash

Question asked by Monali Haware on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2018 by Pavel Chubakov

i want to read the manufacture ID of NOR flash on T2080 RDB in debugger shell. i tried the following TCL commands:

for unlock:

change [expr {0xe8000000 + 0x555}] 16bit 0x00aa

change [expr {0xe8000000 + 0x2aa] 16bit 0x0055

change [expr {0xe8000000 + 0x555}] 16bit 0x0090

then to read man id:
set res[expr [mem i: 0xe8000000 16bit -np]]



It reads only the flash contents but doesnt read the man id. 

Can any one tell me TCL commands to read man id from debugger shell?