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Can't display video inside a widget in Qt with Gstreamer

Question asked by Marc Ros on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by Eduardo Maestri Righes

Hi, I’m having problems displaying a Gstreamer video widget (with QtGstreamer) inside Qt application in a Weston (Wayland) in the Debian 9.5 Stretch for Nitrogen8M board (i.MX8M) image.



The problem is that when the app runs, the video is played in fullscreen when it is intended to run inside the widget (automatically scaled), as this happens when I compile and run it in an ubuntu virtual box image.


Also, only for testing this problem it is not due to an error of the coding of my app, I compiled the QtGstreamer player example and the playback of the video was in fullscreen too, and was intended to run inside the qt window.



I’m guessing the problem is not in the Qt app but in the specific Gstreamer sinks for the i.MX8M.


These are the ones available:



Trying several of them does not work, the video even does not display (v4l2sink, qwidget5sink, xvimagesink, ximagesink, waylandsink, qt5glvideosink).


On some of them, the widget where the video should appear is transparent and in others is completely black.


Code for the widget uploaded in this post.


I don’t know what to do next. Could you help me in this?


Thanks in advance!