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FTM in Output compare mode

Question asked by bipin kumar on Dec 3, 2018


[ Environment : Win CE 7 OS on Toradex Colibri iMX7D 512MB board ]

I am using FTM module in output compare mode. I have developed the driver and it is partially working too. But I am not getting the desired result. I have configured FTM in output compare mode with output toggle on channel match. Channel flag sets on channel match however nothing observed on channel output. I am attaching the source code for reference.


Secondly, I want to use an ISR when an event occurs at channel match in(FTM in output compare mode). FTMx_CnSC has a CHIE bit to enable the interrupt so we can enable the interrupt. But how one can trigger a function using this interrupt ? Please guide me, How to write ISR for the channel match interrupt?



Bipin Kumar